Breakfast Ideas


Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day, sometimes we eat breakfast for every meal so we love creating good breakfast recipes. Some of these are old faithfuls …

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  1. Looks fab, but since I've gone vegan, my sugar intake has gone up. How do I address this? Most of these recipes have a high glycemic index😔. They taste so good though

  2. Any way yI u could stop using plastic for your products? Recycling is not the answer to our current climate crisis, we need to stop using all fossil fuel based packaging. Thanks 💕

  3. YO DUDES!Welcome from Brazil and our açaí absolutely,definitely amazing!Here in the southeast area,São Paulo state we usually have it sweet with granola,banana and strawberries.On the other hand in the north is traditionally eaten with a sort of cassava flour,and it's not sweet!Hugs.

  4. Smoothie bowls made with frozen bananas are amazing. I live in South Florida and I eat them for dinner regularly in the hotter months. I just add some kale or spinach, berries, chia & hemp seeds, then top with walnuts and/or granola and it's a healthy refreshing dinner.

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