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3 Easy Vegan Meals For Busy Parents | Plant-based Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

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  1. OMG, you’ve got ur smoothie upside down. I just learn from a vegan MD to make the smoothie 75 % Greens, 25% sweet fruits like bananas and mangos. Try it!

  2. So, I am really interested in trying the Amaranth. I saw that you were making the porridge, using Amaranth. Did you use a different bag of Amaranth Flour? The package that you held up in the video was Arrowhead Mills but the granules looked bigger than flour. I just want to be sure I order the right item on Amazon to make the porridge like you made. Thank You.

  3. How did you grind it into flour? Have you tried popping amaranth like popcorn? We really like it but it’s hard to eat since it’s tiny 😂

  4. Plant based diet breakfast For 2020
    In the last few years, more and more individuals have developed an interest in complying with vegetarian or vegan diet regimens or minimizing their use of meat-based foods. A change from meat-based food is obtaining more nutrient and more easily available plant-based foods. An individual might attempt a vegan diet plan for health and wellness purposes, for the well-being of animals and fight animal abuse, or for spiritual factors. In 2016, the Academy of Nutrition, and Dietetics, mentioned that a vegetarian or vegan diet regimen could supply all the dietary needs of grownups, kids, and even of expectant or breast-feeding women. It is not uncommon that a suggestion to implement small changes fixes a selection of worldwide issues.

  5. Hi,
    Where can I go to educate myself on veganism?
    I lack knowledge nutrition and it would help me so much if I knew exactly what the body needs daily. For example: protein, Iron, healthy fats, fruits, veggies grains and leafy greens. Is that all? Am I overthinking this? I am trying to transition into veganism, It has been hard knowing if I am eating the right foods or not. Need some encouragement!

  6. Hi beautiful family…thanks for another informative and fantastic video. I plan on trying all your recipe recommendations. I was wondering if you might consider putting together a 30 day meal plan. I’m a busy mom of 3 and find it challenging to put together meals most days because of the time I would need to research. Thanks again…Max has such an adorable smile🥰

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