3 Easy Vegan Super Bowl Appetizers | B Foreal

Better late than ever is how we’re doing this lol! I’m back y’all with some vegan appetizers for you and the fam. Perfect for game day or any day really.

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  1. I would eat at B foreal 🏠 any day she cooking! Sometimes watching these vegan recipes, I think they must not have taste buds, sheesh louise! Thank you for sharing Sis!

  2. I knew you had the cos. Airfryer I just knew it I have never used my and now I will ! I lost my book so this will help a lot!! Can you give a few great smoothie recipe when you get time?? 🥰

  3. i had someone make some shrimp ceviche and they veganized it by using the heart of palm instead of shrimp. so. darn. good. I never thought of using palm for crab meat too.

  4. Love you girl, you my sister in my head, like Wendy say🤣😂 I feel off the ban wagon for a min, but I’m back more mentally strong, and loving my vegan life. I’ve tricked my whole family into eating vegan dishes and they have loved the recipes I be done thx too you and a few others, but your my main go to!

  5. KC in the house!! Why are you making me go BACK to whole paycheck foods and get these items for this dip!! In this snow AND 15 degree weather! Give Thanks Sis and Go appetizers, I mean Go Chiefs!

  6. Don't forget to use the Walmart app when trying to find new things! You can use the shopping button (not the pickup button) and choose "in your store" to see if they have it and what aisle!

  7. Great video…..I wish I saw this video before I went out and spent $300 on vegan food to make super Bowl appetizers….. I’m making Jamaican style jackfruit/oyster mushrooms & beyond meant sliders, cole slaw w/ cashew sauce, & vegan onion dip…☺️

  8. Where do you shop? I know you mentioned Walmart and Amazon a few times but I’m like I’m in the same city and I never see half the stop you have 🤔 help me out paleez and thank you!

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