Vegan Recipes


3 simple delicious vegan recipes! Great for anyone trying Veganuary! Vegan stir fry, vegan shepherds pie and vegan butterbean stew! PRE ORDER MY COOK …

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  1. I'm not vegan but where do vegans get their protein from If they dont eat meat like fish or beef…I cant eat fruits and veggies all the time but you make your dishes looks delicious

  2. 1. quinoa 2. pumpkin seed protein 3. pea protein 4. vanilla bean 5.coconut 6. monk fruit 7. raw cacao 6.oranges. 7. spinach.. 8. sunflower seeds 9..Brazil nuts 10. asparagus too many fuckng ingredients

  3. not a vegan but definitely decreased my meat intake. I'm noticing my energy level is a major boost with veggies slowly making my way from meats. love ur video food looks fresh and tasty. love ur personality

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