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3 Family Friendly Recipes Using Quick & Easy Supermarket Shortcuts

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  1. Hi Domestic Geek! Would you be able to please create a video featuring recipes that will help boost iron? I am very low but I have very repetitive recipes 🙁

  2. I dont think Ive knew or ever heard of bakery shop selling ready made plain pizza dough. Now I really wanna make a pizza but I need to make the dough myself first 😪

  3. Nope nope!… I don't have pizza dough but I do have pizza base readymade straightway from groceries don't know when I will crave inn for pizzas well it never failed if it is veg or not well it gets invisible in minutes after it made😊😋🍽️🎊🎊

  4. You keep saying "busy weeknight" like your viewing demographic doesn't include Millenials living in the gig economy who work four jobs and don't know what a weekend is. That being said OMG these look delicious I must make them.

  5. I was thinking those fries ravioli would be a great appetizer!
    Do all but the last step till the guest are arrived. How am far ahead do you think you could bread them?!

  6. All 3 of these look Bomb, but OMG…Crispy (aka Fried) Ravioli! I first saw this on Rachael Ray's show, but I'm a failure at deep frying so I baked mine, back in the day. So good, and with a hearty salad…Dinner! is served. Thanks so much for these Shortcut recipes…we all need help in the kitchen on busy nights/weeks.

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