3 Healthy Holiday Desserts | Easy No-Bake Dessert Recipes

Looking for some easy no-bake Christmas dessert ideas? Try one of these 3 healthy recipes; Chocolate Pomegranate Drops, Cranberry Coconut Chocolate …

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  1. Merry Christmas lively lady🍾🥂🎄
    Not sure if you will see my comments. I made your chocolate bark & the one with pomegranate. OMG…the best thing ever
    I made the bark with roasted unsalted almonds & Holly… It s DELICIOUS 😋
    Thanks for the recipes. Definitely keeper

  2. I want to thank you …..i am homeless and have been living in a hotel room without an oven. I am going to do these snacks for my kids and myself perfect for hotel living. There should be videos for familys that live in hotel rooms and are limited…

  3. I'm new !!! Love your'e attitude…..
    Next year I am trying the Cranberry coconut bark….looks like it. Except, I'm going to tweek it instead of Cranberry to use Dried cherries. IT's between the pomegranate bark, which also i would tweek. As you get older, after 50s your teeth are not what they once were. The seeds are a killer, lol. But, maybe use cherries or something like that. I did toffee brittle this year for Christmas and didn't cook the toffee well, even though everyone on christmas said they liked it because it was soft. Dudes! it's not suppose to be soft. but, Not doing it again. I always in the past did cookies, which not i'm changing my tradition and doing chocolate. I'm allergic to processed flour's and such.
    Great idea's. Thank you.

  4. I just found your channel and web site. I’ll be making the lemon blueberry muffins tomorrow. I’ll switch sour cream for apple and Monk fruit instead of maple syrup. I’ll try to let you know how they turn out. Your daughter is quite the little ham in the video. She’s so cute and seems to know how to bake already at her age. Impressive, I have a feeling it’s in your parenting skills. Love your web site and uTube channel. Thanks for sharing.

  5. for the nut, cranberry bars, how soon ahead of time can you make these? can i make them 3 days ahead of time if i keep it in the fridge? plan on makinthem for christmas

  6. These look amazing! I love no bake recipes, so easy and delish! I make a no bake cheesecake with cashew cream. The chocolate pomegranate clusters are genius! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for your recipes that helped me to change to healthy balanced eating specialty salad that I eat as a meal in summer and autumn but naw it’s winter so I will be glad if you have the time to create for us salads recipes for the cold weather
    Thank you again

  8. Hi Dani! You have the best recopies, I can't decide which one I want to most they all look delicious, so I'm going to try all of them!

  9. Hello Dani, these all looks scrumptious😋I think I will try making the Chocolate pomegranate drops first, can't wait😋👏🌼
    I wish you great holidays😀

  10. Since I subscribed to your Chanel I’ve been making the pomegranate chocolate drops every holiday, we love them!! Next I think I’ll try to make the little
    cheese cake Santa hats. Thanks so much for the delicious recipes that you share Dani. I hope you and your family have a blessed and happy holidays 🙏🏻🎅🏻

  11. Mmmm, thanks for the awesome recipes and also making extra to shared with neighbors as an added gift to their mini fruitcakes. I love recipes that can be vegan , If need be(for me), so that I can swap out the ingredient easily when making holiday treats for everyone.–so we can all enjoy a treat. Happy Holidays! :):):)

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