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3 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. I think it’s funny that people found the third recipe gross lol. In Brazil we have avocato in smoothies, in oatmeal or just avocato with honey and lemon. It’s amazing!

  2. Hm no, you are not going to lose weight , too much calories… I recommend 16 grams of oats, unsweetened almond milk 95 ml, half banana, 5 pistachio nuts, some chia seeds, cinnamon and a little bit of peanut butter maybe like 5 grams. I know it’s about like 250 kcal but my recipe will keep you full for hours I usually eat my breakfast at 8 and lunch only at 2 and I not that hungry so I don’t really binge for lunch I usually have like 200 calories and for snack I usually have a fruit and some nuts and for dinner I eat maybe 200 calories or 150.. I guess I eat 1000 calories per day

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