Breakfast Ideas

3 Healthy On The Go Breakfast Ideas/Recipes

Hope you guys enjoy these 3 very simple, healthy, & easy on the go breakfast ideas! If you’d like me to re-create a lunch or dinner version comment below!

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  1. People and have never eaten whole grain before and never had bowel disorders in the past. The reason that there are so many digestive disorders comes from whole wheat. The fibers from whole grains are not digestible. You should get fiber from fruits and vegetables and NEVER from whole grains. Whole grains also contain lectins, which damage the intestinal wall and cause inflammation and chronic diseases. In countries where only white bread is eaten, you have far fewer digestive disorders than in the west where the trend is to eat whole grain. See the book by Steven R. Gundry: The Plant Paradox.

  2. As soon as I watched this I went out and got the waffles and I toasted them, they’re not the best tasting, I just added a bit up syrup but maybe adding fruit and peanut butter would be better but yeah, like a 4/10 for me 😂 I got 2 boxes so I’ll experiment 👍🏻

  3. Hey can you do a video about fasting like for instance i work out at 5 am how long do you recommend someone wait to break the fast ? Can you discuss the post work out window ? And can u give me your best input on how often you do this and how long ? I try to aim for 16/8 but hard when i work long days and can get my last meal in till 6pm so tech my fast would end by 7 pm and to do a 16 /8 or 14 /8 i would have to eat by 9 am on the 14 or 11 on the 16 but i work out 5 am so i wouldnt be eating 4-5 hours from work out ?

  4. Dang that looks so good 😛 I think the waffles will be my favorite too haha :p but yes please make more videos like this! Esp lunch because I have to eat lunch on campus :3

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