3 Healthy Salads That AREN’T BORING | lunch ideas

3 healthy salads that aren’t boring and are delish! HEALTHY LUNCHES PLAYLIST: …

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  1. can you make healthy pepperoni pizza since my friend likes pizza but she is eating unhealthy pizza and wish to make her a healthy one. 🙂

  2. Love this i always wanted salad recipe that taste good thank you💙 Im so going to make the second chicken salad. What kind of dressing do u use for the salad??

  3. The third one is our favorite. We also love a runny yolk 😍💜🖤💚🦄🤗👾.
    Could you give us an easy paleo recipe for making buns and the hot dog bread? Hopefully a recipe that calls for easy to find ingredients.
    It would be interesting some videos where you show more of your city or town and also it would be interesting to see how the stores, supermarkets or markets are like. 🤗👾🦄💚🖤💜

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