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3 INGREDIENT SNACKS: healthy paleo snacks

3 Ingredient snacks that are healthy paleo snacks! HEALTHY SNACKS PLAYLIST: …

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  1. I noticed you never use peanut butter , as a peanut butter obsessed human i was wondering if theres a health reason for that or if you don't like the taste?

  2. Green Plantains ripen and get yellow or brown/black if overipe. When they’re yellow they’re sweet but since they are starchier than bananas they should be cooked before eating. You can bake, boil or microwave them with the skin on (cut the tips and slice across). They’re DELICIOUS!! If you’re not so health concious you can remove the skin, cut it up (green or ripe) and fry them 😍

    But I love your suggestion here!
    I’m puertorrican and here plantains are a staple in our kitchens 😂 ❤️❤️

  3. love your recipes! I have a question, I'm interested in buying the same blender as yours, does it grind things into powder as well? or does it only work for liquids? Thanks in advance!

  4. I just purchased frozen pomegranate seeds from the Great Canadian Superstore for the first time and have been obsessed! I have been loving them, I even mix them in a small bowl with frozen mango and drizzle almond butter on top. It sounds so weird but it seriously so good!

  5. Plantains are so yummy &fun. They actually so get yellow then brown like bananas &sweetness is stronger with more thick starches. They make great pancakes &waffles when sweet!

  6. These all look so delicious Liv! Thank you so much, I have all of your videos saved to a playlist so I can write all of your recipes down in my "keeping up" notebook. Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤❤

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