Vegan Recipes


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  1. I love how the format of the show stays away from spices and seasonings, but reminds you to use your own.

    Yes you need to learn to season your food but more important is just getting started cooking, and a lot of beginner home cooks will think they'll be smote if they don't have every single spice. Even pantry staples can be hard for a beginner cook not familiar with the flow of finding things in the grocery store, prepping, cooking, and clean up.

    Boom, flour, canned tomatoes, canned chickpeas, all you need.

  2. Try to find ORGANIC vital wheat gluten at the grocery stores. Most stores don't carry it. You can make it from organic wheat flour though. BTW i suspect the reason so many people have a problem with wheat and other grains isn't due to gluten but rather the insecticidal Diatomaceous Earth (DE) they add to kill insect (mainly moth) larvae which may hatch from eggs laid on the grains. Insecticidal DE cuts up the gut. That is how it kills the insects. But it also cuts up human guts too although it's not as lethal for humans because we are much larger. It is high in arsenic too. Cutting up the gut leads to all sorts of problems such as food allergies and intolerances (due to "leaky gut syndrome"). If grains didn't have DE in them I'm sure less people would have a problem with grains and gluten. Spread the word and maybe we can get the manufacturers to at least wash the DE off grains before milling it into flour.

  3. Okay, yours is one of my FAVORITE channels on YouTube! Your whole concept is just spot on! I love the idea of making the greatest yield with the minimum Ingredients!

  4. I'm gluten free, no gluten and especially no extra of that destructive stuff. Today's wheat is not of the same DNA of the first wheat that wasn't hatmful. But I'm watching this recipe page and will make adaptions.

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