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3 Make Ahead Family Freezer Meals 2020 l Solo Mommy Meal Prep With Me l Easy Family Meal Ideas

Today I am showing you 3 Make Ahead Family Freezer Meals 2020. You all loved my last Solo Mommy Meal Prep With Me and these are Easy Family Meal …

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  1. Hey mamas! Hope you are all doing well! So happy I could finally film this video and I hope it helps give you some meal ideas during this time of isolation as well as motivate you to meal prep so you have more time for yourself! Let me know which meal you tried. Dont forget to share and tag me over on Instagram so I can see your yummy creations 🥰

  2. Ok…5min in the microwave for the butternut squash? Good to know. I always put it in the microwave to make it easier to cut into as well…BUT I always find that it doesn’t work. I guess it’s cause I don’t put it in for 5 min!! Usually just a couple minutes!

  3. Loved these meal ideas especially right now with quarantine I really need to start meal prep especially since we are constantly doing dishes ugh it’s getting so crazy lately

  4. I make the red beans & rice soup as well, it's a true staple meal in our house. It's my son's favorite after school snack (now that there's no school it's all he wants to eat lol)

  5. I am building a community of meal preppers on fb to share photos, ideas, and ask questions. Would love for you to post some of your creations in there!

    The group is called: DIY Meal Preps

    See you in there!

  6. Yum, I love red beans and rice! I haven't had it in forever but definitely adding it to the list. So Aria eats it? It's not too spicy for her with 1 tsp?

  7. I think my girls would love the chicken and potato bake! I always do cheese baked things uncovered but after seeing this I think you’re right, I’ll try to cover mine next time and see if the cheese is less dried out

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