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3 Meals I Eat Each Week // Healthy Vegan Recipes

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  1. I loved the Black bean chili, thank you ! And as it can be a zero waste recipe, I plan to share this recipe on the facebook group of my zero waste local group 😁😁😁

  2. hi! do you use both cameras from the description to film your videos? i'm looking for a kinda "vlog" style camera but also to film "cinematic" videos with a great blury background effect, any advice?

  3. Just read your blog posts, Loooove it!!! ^^ also saw your goal of releasing your documentary, I'm so excited for it!!!can't wait 🙂
    Also, def. gonna try these recipes, they look delishhhh

  4. Hi Chloé, I'm so happy that I found your channel! You're videos are so peaceful and inspirational and they really make me happy. I've been eating plant-based for a couple of weeks now and loving it, and your channel really helps! Thank you so much and keep doing you <3

  5. Hey, a viewer and subscriber here, I just wanted to say that I hope you're doing okay mentally. This may be over reacting, but since you do have an eating disorder history, are you sure that veganism and intermittent fasting, gluten free and all those restrictions are purely for benefit, or is it your eating disorder trying to sneak in?
    I am in no way trying to doubt or criticise what you're doing, I'm just kinda worried about the lifestyle you're sometimes promoting to younger viewers. Sorry for that rant x

  6. Wow, the chili looks delicious. I gonna try this next week. But you should definitely put the water, you cooked the beans with, away since of the phasein.

  7. Super good idea! Would love to see more recipes on your channel Chloe. We can see you put a lot of effort in your videos. Love them!!

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