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3 MUST TRY Vegan Meal Recipes [Easy & Budget-Friendly]

Hi Guys!! Here are 3 Healthy vegan meals that we’ve been enjoying lately at home. I hope you guys enjoy. Much LoVe. Recipes below! I’m on Instagram …

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  1. you and your family are so heavenly …. I watch your videos with joy .. when will the next video come? Greetings from Germany. be inspired…
    Big hugs for chelsea💖Serpil

  2. Hooo je regrette de ne pas être plus a l'aise en anglais pour tout comprendre…les recettes ont l'air tees bonne. En tout cas, la petite princesses est de plus en plus agile en cuisine et toujours aussi gourmande

  3. Delicious meals. Thanks alot.
    By the way, i'm your new follower and enjoying every video of yours.
    By the way, you said you live in Chicago with your wondeful family, but where do you come from originally.
    I love your daughter. She is so cute.
    Can i babysit her for just a hour please?

  4. Mommy and baby's gorgeous completions are awesome! I want to seriously think about eating like this. I am praying to God to take away my desire for junk food and replace with healthy foods.🙏

  5. Hi guys! Lol. Well, Chelsea leaves me speechless and happy, as always. She's a blessing to you as oarents, that's for sure. Love these recipes. Thank you so much for these great shares Fabiola. Tc. God bless.

  6. I made this minus the arrowroot/starch and it was amazing! I couldn’t stop eating it.. but I’m not vegan yet I enjoy making it for the family.

  7. Hello Sistah Fabiola — Greeting to your lovely family from what I see w/in these videos peeking into your HEALTHY LIFE STYLE!! I will be preparing these vegetarian healthy recipes to show some love to my temple which I've neglected way too long. To be honest hearing the sad news about the legendary film producer John Singleton today. Along w/recently as of yesterday due to a doctors visit discussing my obesity. It is time for a healthy & loving change regarding my weight & what content I put into my temple!!! John Singleton was putting on lots of weight as I have & it has noticeable. I do believe weight played a part unfortunately in his demise. It is a welcomed pleasure to see a healthy family showing others that we can participate w/preparing delicious while healthy, nutritious food. I vouch as of today that a year from now I will be in a healthier place……pounds will be off of my frame! I will look forward to learning how to prepare healthy good cuisine to stuff my face with because I enjoy good food. Especially healthy choices while learning new recipes. BTW your adorable daughter is smart & it's cool to see her participate in preparing her meals. I've noticed that when children cook w/their parents they eat what they prepare & are very conscious of what goes into their mouths. Your daughter really is into cooking it's a cool process to watch! Clearly, this gift of teaching her how to be a serious little chef SMILE. Learning it from you parents will carry her through life & benefit her many ways. PEACE

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