3 NEW Lunchbox Ideas Using Leftovers

Learn how to make 3 NEW lunchbox ideas using leftovers! Special thanks to Monbento for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video!

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  1. 😍 I wouldd love to have any of these for lunch! But I think the second one was my favorite, when you put the veg straight into the delicious hummus!

  2. Beth, unfortunately I am unsubscribing from your channel. you had said that you want to be more regular, post more frequently, but sadly, that hasn't been the case. I hope you are figuring things out, and back with a bang. my Saturday mornings are great with your uploads. hope to return soon.

  3. I'll have to try the banana bites, I always end up with some overripe bananas.
    I LOVE monbento, I just got a bigger order during Soldes. At some point, I want to try their insulated one.

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