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3 Plant Based Buddha Bowls – Healthy Vegan Meals On A Budget 2020 – EASY!

Hello! 2020 we are starting with some easy healthy recipes, Plant Based Buddha Bowl on a budget! This is a vegan bowl, satisfying, delicious, easy and …

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  1. Enjoy the video! Tuesday will be a healthy food haul from Aldi and I will also be filming shay I eat in a day etc! But any other videos you want to see? I’m so happy to be back! I hope you’ve had the best holiday and are ready for a new year 🥰❤️👏🏻☕️🐝

  2. Sophe, your Buddah Bowls looking heavenly😍..I must start roasting my broccoli and tomatoes, they look so good😋.
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe Sophe, it will be very helpful for healthy meal ideas👍🏽.

  3. Hi Sophie, thank you for this video! I've been a veggie for quite a while and i'm now doing veganuary but indefinitely! I'm going to be trying out every one of your Buddha bowls shown in this video! they all look and sound delicious ❤🌱❤🌱 xx

  4. That looks like a Scoville Never stick pan… the best pans ever! Yummy looking bowls, I love sprouts too so I will have to try that recipe. ❤❤❤

  5. Great recipe inspiration Sophie. I love roasted broccoli and roasted Brussels. I like to use olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic granules and rosemary on mine. Great flavours. Will definitely try these recipes out this month. 👍😘❤️

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