3 Puff Pastry Pinwheel Recipes | Holiday Appetizers

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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! YouTube accidentally published this video early today so I apologize if you received two notifications! You guys know I love to go all out for the holidays so I hope you love these more decadent recipes! Come January I'll have lots of new delicious healthy options for you!

  2. Hey there…enjoyed your video very much. I've tried a Euro brand of puff pastry and I've heard that Pepperidge Farm makes one. Do you have a fav you prefer or could recommend?

  3. I made the ham and swiss pinwheels for an office Christmas party today. They were a big hit. They re-heat really well too. I put them out in the morning and they were mostly gone way before lunch.

  4. Thanks for the goat cheese and olive version. I am a vegetarian and I love goat cheese and olives together, and who doesn't love puff pastry? Yummy.

  5. We made the ham and cheese pinwheels for our Christmas party and they were a huge hit!! We swapped out the Swiss for white cheddar cheese and it worked very well also!

  6. Do you have a recipe for making puff pastry instead of buying them at the store. If not could you make a video of how to make puff pastry? Thank you. I just subscribed.

  7. These look really good. Has anyone tried the goat cheese one? I am planning for a big crowd. Also, can I make a night before and bake it next day just before the party?

  8. If I make this in the morning of the day of the potluck, will it be okay and I would just have to warm them up in the oven before the dinner?

  9. Hi Sara! Would the herbed goat cheese still be good if I needed to chives instead of basil? Just curious. (Or should I substitute with dried? My market was out of fresh basil). Much love to you and baby geek!!

  10. I was always told that once you roll it, to freeze it for about 10-15 minutes(so the pastry is a little more solid) before you cut it. Helps it hold it's shape.

  11. Hi Sara Lynn! I think I'll make the French dip pinwheel for a Christmas appetiser. Do you think they hold up on their own without the jus? I might not be able to bring that along

  12. They look delicious and simple! I want to make some before christmas and during christmas…incase During Christmas they run out fast 😄😋

  13. Amazing timing, I had drawn a complete blank for hosting a party next week. I’m definitely doing pinwheels and your Cheese and Wine theme. Thank you 😀

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