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  1. Congratulations Grandpa Sam! In Malayalam we say Appachan!! Max and Chase Congratulations on being an Uncle! Convince Dad to let yall do one video a month at least. Btw can you tell me what cheese that was yall put in the taters? Popeye and Esther

  2. Everything was going well till the final presentation, I mean, it was like putting the food directly on the kitchen counter and eating off of it. Hey, not judging, just doesn't work for a lot of people who prefer plates. The concept of food presentation went out the window today. Not judging, your show…

  3. I was so confused about the cheese, like wait are we talking brie, or camembert cause that's the 2 sorts I know of, that look like the one from the video LOL!
    Edit: didn't know about the "moldy cheese ban in the US" so ended up using brie, which is kinda like the one Sam used, but I put in the whole thing, the white outer can be countered with more salt and pepper, cause it just suits the flavor of brie, which basically the US version is too!

  4. 11:42. sam says Max should be on the other side of the camera. WELL, he should!
    Sam, you are funny, talented, a joy to watch and learn from but you should give Max a chance! but He straight up said you won't let him.

  5. Whatever that amount is we need that exact amount… This humour is another big reason I love your videos (besides the great tasty dishes ofcourse). Keep up the amazing work…

  6. Congratulations 👏 for becoming grandfather. Sam I wanted to let you know that there are hair added as will when you added the onion. Can you please remove this video and remake another one!!!! 🙏

  7. The new big boy that was born just had to start so early on all the awesome food that grandpa makes!! He said he wasn’t going with out any goodness!! Congratulations grandpa, uncle, & son!! Awesome video!! Hey I was wondering if you could make your favorite way to make salmon?? I’m a very big salmon guy & love a nice & sweet salmon or a BBQ salmon that I once had in New York & haven’t been able to find anyone close to it here in Iowa!! The only other way I really like it is like Texas Roadhouse makes there salmon with a nicely salty flavor!! It would be nice to see you make something like one of those that I can make at home!! Thanks buddy!!

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