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3 Techniques for SPROUTING SEEDS & Growing MICROGREENS to Eat in DAYS!

Sprouting seeds in a jar and growing microgreens indoors year-round is ridiculously easy and no green thumb is necessary! Enjoy organic homegrown salad …

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  1. Very educational video ! I always have been fascinated by little seeds that grow into a plant or something healthy to eat.
    I always wanted to know more about are how you can grow "microgreens," I guess you need to eat much more quantity since they are so small?
    Learning to grow your own foods is extremely important!
    Especially now that we are finding out how harmful pesticides and chemicals are altererating our intake of most fruits and vegetables.
    Please make more videos on this subject. I believe we can have better "control" of what we eat and stop believing these multicorporate food Giants who seem to place profit before quality.
    Thank you Shirley 💕! We are So depending on You!

  2. Fun video. Most of my attempts at indoor germination were foiled by the lack of light in my patio-shaded windows. I have grow lights now, but I find the “legginess” caused by low light is actually a plus with micro greens. They grow taller which makes them easier to harvest, and of course, they will never have to support a mature plant.
    Also, I find that growing micro greens from packets is prohibitively expensive. I’ve found online sources of organic seeds in bulk. My favorites are a salad mix of broccoli, cabbage, kale and a few other seeds with all the same germination length and especially a mix of daikon and China red radishes, spicy and fast growing. I buy them in 1 lb bags at a fraction of the cost of packets.

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