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3 WW MEAL PREP Recipes using Shredded Chicken | WW Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies || ww points + calories

Hey Friends! I’m back with another Weekly Meal Prep for Weight Loss! Today I’m sharing 3 WW MEAL PREP Recipes using Shredded Chicken! 1 pot of Chicken …

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  1. I love having meal preps on hand to keep me going on my healthy eating all week! All the better if the prep process can be quick and easy! Sharing 3 affordable healthy meal preps as well as some yummy fun cookies in today's video!

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    Points, Calories, and Time Stamps to jump around are in the description!



  2. Great meal prep ur doing a great job on ur channel keep up all the great things ur doing on ur channel hello to u and all ur family take care and God bless u all

  3. Aweeee God Bless you for working so hard to provide for your beautiful family! Do u find these in cookbooks? How did u earn to cook so well I can only make toast despite buying all the equipment and I’m 54.


  4. Great job! Yes, it's exhausting, but oh so worth it! I like to chop a big batch of onions, celery, & carrots and freeze to save time during the month. I need to bake more mini treats like you for the sweet cravings!

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