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30 Meals for $40 in 90 Minutes || Plant-Based Vegan Meal Prep

This is a video to show you how to lose weight on a budget! Meal prepping is essential to stick to eating healthy throughout your week. Making simple switches …

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  1. I'm not trying to be mean but … Why is she so fat? I'm trying to lose weight and it doesn't seem like it's been working for her so I don't really want to try this

  2. I wasn’t sure on what to make on daily basis since my husband decided to be in plant based diet…. until i saw you guy!! Pretty cheap and easy!! Thank you for all the recipes!

  3. Woah I had no ideas your channel has turned more plant based/vegan. When I first found you guys, 2 years ago I watched both meat and vegan meal prep but as I've tried to cut out meat I've avoided this channel, oh man I'm soo sorry! I am back and binging you guys!

  4. I don't understand meal preps and how to keep them fresh. especially for the bananas and avocado being put in…they'll just turn brown.

  5. -214- Jan 07 2020
    211 This morning meal prepping works <3 thanks for all the suggestions.
    I made close to 40 meals for almost $70 dollars only because meat is a bit expensive so its chicken.
    Overall, I been saving almost half my food budget >.> 190 pounds here I come! (that's my weight goal by June 2020) then start muscle building!.

  6. I'm just getting into meal prepping because I'm in college and don't have a lot of time or money lol — thank you for making these videos! Also I 100% choose ingredients to make meals colorful

  7. Steph's Curry is one of my favorites and can't get enough of. Love all your videos and everything you guys do. I actually find my kitchen more cleaner and organize since I been doing meal prep. it's so easy to do and I just had to stop being lazy xD. Honestly once you keep doing it just becomes easier and easier. Bonus saves you MONEY each week!!! Thank you guys so much for getting me on the right track and making it so easy. <3

  8. These are all so great! Love your positive energy and that you didn't hide when it was a little tiring at times, but how satisfying it is also when it's all done! Would love to make all of these, thanks so much! 🙂

  9. Do you guys cook everything you have then buy groceries? I feel like I need to be more creative in using what I have already first then buy more.. I hope explain myself lol

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