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30 MIN Florentine Butter Chicken Recipe!

This is a great midweek meal full of flavour. You could alternatively serve this with a lovely sourdough bread to mop up that delicious sauce! Serves: 4 …

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  1. YESSS !! Beautiful, colourful , not too much faff and I’m pretty certain it will all be really delicious too! That’s definitely tea sorted for tomorrow . Thank you so much! Have a wonderful week xx😁

  2. Going to cook this tonight. Started my glass of wine whilst checking the video. Going to add some chopped spinach just before adding the linguine.

  3. looks super yummy. with the name, I was expecting spinach, but I suppose a city can be known for lots of food – just tend to think more southern for tomato stuff. guess I'll just have to plan a trip when it's safer 😀

  4. So this comment doesn't have anything to do with this dish. But I really want to let Donal know that a couple years back my mom came from the east coast to visit me in CA. When she came to visit I decided to make one of the spicy gnocchi dishes that you demonstrated in one of your videos. She really enjoyed it. A week later after she got back home she went to an event and had the same exact dish and she said mine was better.

  5. Looks great 🤤 Reminds me a bit of Pomodoro … Reminds me a bit of Pomodoro … In Germany the butter chicken is called "Hähnchenschnitzel"

  6. BREAKING NEWS: after yet another provocation by an Irish "chef" known as Donald Skehan that dared to cook a so called "Florentine Butter Chicken", Italy declares war to Ireland. After the capture, Mr. Skehan will be transported to Florence and will be flogged in Piazza dei Miracoli for the satisfaction of the outraged and insulted Florentines.

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