4 Creative Croissant-Based Desserts • Tasty

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  1. Aren't Croissants supposed to be flaky? The first three are basically a waste of croissants you could just use the good old bread. Also WASH not WET your strawberries

  2. You realy must stopp with your 'French toast', 'French fries' ou je ne sais quoi d'autre… personne ne fait cette horreur en Fance! We put chocolat inside! Not chimical cheese..

  3. I got inspired after this
    Looked up and tried to recreate
    A croissant Dough 🥐

    So I could do any of these
    And brag as if they came
    From my magic cookbook

    Now I sit here
    Smoky kitchen
    Burnt croissant
    But raw in the middle


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