Vegan Recipes

4 Delicious Dinners & 1 Luscious Lunch

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  1. Yummy yum yum 🥰 hey guys it’s exactly one month today for me being Vegan ! All thanks to you two inspiring me and making it all so easy! Have a great weekend! ❤️💋

  2. Your plates of food always look so nice. I would eat all of these gorgeous dishes. I really could go for some of that tofu scramble with pitas right now😋 Jason's pasta lunch looks good as well. I know what you mean about the expensive pizzas, we have similar pizzas the same size or slightly larger for $8- $10 and I just can't see spending that much. Also we don't have the variety that the UK has. I usually end up making my own but it would be great to just be able to pick one up and not break the bank. Have a lovely evening guys🙂🌱

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