4 EASY Desserts You Didn't Know You Could Make in an AIR FRYER

One of the most fun things to make in the air fryer are dessert recipes! So if you’ve got a hankering for some sweets, I have four yummy air fryer desserts for you …

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  1. Oh with my insurance with an OTC benefit each quarter, I was able to get a nice digital scale for the kitchen. And I'm really thrilled because I am going to learn how to use grams versus pouring it in a Pyrex and glancing at it. There are some things that need to be measured. So I have enjoyed your channel very much. It's logical, you don't beat around the bush and give me a bunch of stuff that I can't use. Your tips are always funny, informative, and well reasoned. You can't beat that. Take care… now I just have to watch it on some of the yummy things I have made because chicken wings are great fun. But I really shouldn't be eating them. No matter how good they aren't for me. As for cookies I'm not gonna touch these. But don't think I don't want to

  2. Oh my yes flying parchment paper. Wow. I wish more people understood that it is not necessarily a science to use an air fryer. There's a lot of art that goes into it also. And as you said, you can always add time. But you sure can't subtract. I quit reading my instruction guide on some of the stuff that I cooked now. And I do better. I just do what feels right. But I'm checking. And then you learn from that. And the cookies look great. I wish I was eating sweets still. I would eat the mangled cookies in a heartbeat. I mean nothing says Joy like any kind of cookie that you can get your hands on. No matter what the shape might be. Ha ha. Thx. Gail in Central Florida. March 16, 2021. )I think I've already blown through my stimulus check. Boy that sure didn't take long. So I'm back on YouTube watching stuff. All the joys of being a homeowner. Your house says oh you have a little extra money? Well I know what to do with that..')

  3. Hi! Just found your channel when looking for info about how to use an air fryer. I'm trying to see if I need one! I think it looks promising 😊. Is is possible to bake a pie in an air fryer? I saw you set the temp to 400 degrees, so I'm think it could be possible, right? Thanks much.

  4. I liked it and will try. Cooking raw eggs in air fryer is one of the best recipe and now I cook eggs in airfryer. They come out so well. I look for more baking recipes in air fryer.

  5. The first thing I made in my air fryer were banana muffins with chocolate chips. Super easy to do, no stress involved and in less than 10 minutes.
    I absolutely love my air fyer.

  6. omg I’m obsessed with my ninja 2basket airfryer!!! Bought it last night and we’ve already made wings, totter tots, chicken breast, bacon, deep fried Oreo!!! Can’t wait to get to ur dessert 🍮

  7. i melted my butter instead of softening it and it became a liquid mess. should i throw it away or will it turn out the same once i add the dry ingredients please reply asap 😭

  8. Not only do I love her tips and recipes, but she’s not annoying! She dresses respectfully, doesn’t use bad language and doesn’t do that new fad thing females have been doing with their voice.

  9. One question for the chocolate chips! Can I just skip the oat if I don't want them? Would it effect the porpotion of other ingredients or anything? Thxxx! They look amazing btw🤤🤤

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