Breakfast Ideas


Some breakfast ideas which are high in protein and will help keep you feeling satiated for hours! INSTAGRAM ➡ Banana Choc Protein …

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  3. Hi, These look super good!! But arent you a high fat proponent? I might have missed the transition video.These recipes have quite a few carbs in it and I am keto since an year but having all kinds of problems I never had, mostly hormonal and fat binge eating! I am too scared to go back to eating carbs but dont see any other option. How did you transition from eating keto to carbs?

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  5. Its so nice to see all your growth and changes over the last years.I remember you wearing all black everything and I just saw your belt now and thought like "wow this is so different but so interesting to follow your way". Too bad you blocked me on instagram because I answered once to a critical comment of someone else. But I hope you wont block me here 🙂 Also by being critical I still just wish you the best.

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  7. So many great ideas in this video, will definitely be trying a few. If you (or anyone) has any spare time, please check out my YouTube channel. It's all about raising money for charity, so really is for a great cause. Thanks in advance xx

  8. i loveeeeee that these videos are so flipping informative and really break down the 'why' related to eating certain foods – not just telling us to eat them because they fit the 'healthy' box! You the best xx

  9. Great meals and tips! Will definitely try that taco one. I have to say though…your knives look terribly dull. You should get them sharpened or get some better knives. Recommend Victorinox 🙂 Dull knives can actually do more damage if you cut yourself because you have to put so much force behind your chopping to get them through. Soz, my dad and brother sharpen tools and knives for a living lol

  10. Rachel, I've been enjoying your content lately, it's so calming and refreshing! Thank you so much for sharing these tasty ideas! Can't wait to try them out 😉

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