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4 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes | Easy + Delicious Snack Ideas

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  1. Hi Lovelies, this video was shot weeks ago before social distancing began in North America. I debated whether or not to post it but I thought it could be helpful for people who were struggling to find snacks for themselves and their kids and are looking for some creative inspiration. I’ve also been asked a lot for non-perishable food ideas that can be made in big batches so this seemed like a good fit. The great part about trail mix is how versatile it is; you can mix and match ingredients, depending on what you have on hand and really make it your own.

    That said, you can be sure that I am taking this pandemic very seriously. My husband and I have been working remotely and practicing social distancing with our daughter for nearly 3 weeks now and will continue to do so until the crisis is behind us. Of course, our videographer/editor has been editing from home over the last few weeks so we haven’t been able to shoot any new videos that address the current situation. But I’m working on teaching myself how to shoot this week so I can post videos that will be more helpful and relevant in these trying times.

    Please know that I’m doing everything I can to continue to provide useful and inspiring content for this community.

    Sara Lynn

  2. I can't help but feel this is such food elitism when the world is falling apart, the shops are bare and people are losing their jobs and loved ones, but you carry on with your wild dried blueberries 🙄

  3. These all look delicious. BE CAREFUL with the cashews. Cashews are in the toxicodendron family–same as poison oak and poison ivy. If you eat enough, you can give yourself a sore throat and a sensitivity. How do I know? I did it! It takes about two pounds a week for a while.

  4. With all of us with limited items, I would love for you to do a video on how to make something yummy with foods that you buy during a quarantine. Beans and more beans, pasta, eggs, chicken, ground beef??

  5. So what is Trail Mix? I can see what's in it and kind of work it out but in the UK we don't really have it. I've heard it once or twice but that's it. So what is it? Why is it called Trail Mix? 😀

  6. Wow these arw some good recipies but unfortunately I'm allergic to nuts so I can't eat them. So I'm hally you answered me but I cant eat them but I love all the other recipes on your channel.

  7. How sad I can not get the salted peanuts that do not have WHEAT flour added. 🙁 Ah well I can get monkey nuts and make my own. 🙂
    It sucks when you have food allergies or intolerance's.

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