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4 MEAT-FREE LOW FODMAP MEALS / RECIPES | What's for dinner? | Becky Excell

Here’s 4 meat-free low FODMAP meals / recipes (that can easily be made vegan using dairy free cheese!) They’re of course, all gluten free too! Pretty please …

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  1. I've been loving seeing you experiment more with your cooking and ingredients in your meat free "Veganuary" posts these past few weeks. Discovering oyster mushrooms in Tesco was a big game changer for my low FODMAP cooking. So delicious, meaty and moreish. Those pizza bases looked fabulous. I'm not a big baker so low FODMAP and vegan breads, pastries and baking recipes are always welcome. I really think that to adapt baking to be vegan, gluten free and low FODMAP you need to be able to bake " properly" to begin with. Hope to see more in the future. 🍞🍰🍩🍪

  2. Any tips on increasing calorie intake with IBS? I've been pretty much diagnosed about 5 months ago and I've lost over a stone (being 6ft 11st 3lb beforehand anyway). Doctor hasn't put me on low FODMAP or anything yet, just told me to reduce fat and sugar and replace with higher fibre foods wherever possible. I do seem to have it somewhat mild as I can tolerate a reasonable variety of foods without pain I just get cramps and constipation. There just doesn't seem to be any calories in anything when eating fruit and veg etc.

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