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Hi! How are you my love? I hope you are staying blessed and motived by the Holy Spirit! Here are 4 quick and easy Daniel Fast Recipes that I really enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for these delicious recipes! Can you tell us the name of a container of seasoned you use? it's not Turmeric .Its Imalaya salt??
    Thaaank you!

  2. Love your comments and your recipes. Please please for your own safety learn knife techniques that doesn't threaten losing a finger. Be blessed

  3. My first time watching your videos today on Daniel’s Fast. No wonder Daniel was stronger at the end of his fast! Who's little hands wanted a bite? Thank you! 👏👏👏✝️💗🙏

  4. Hi love ur video and my question to u did u fast when u where on hemo dialysis? I want to try a half day fast and would like to stick with Daniel fast but there is so much restrictions as u know. I'm from Canada , if u have any recipe's u can share I would be great full .
    I love how u alway seem vibrant,active and happy I love that

  5. I’m a new sub watch a couple of ur videos already! I love ur cousin I’m like I knew she was from Honduras 🇭🇳 her accent reminds me of my cousins when they come here to visit us! I’m also from Honduras grew up there till I was 11. Love your channel 🤗

  6. I love this… They look sooooooo good ♥♥ it's so amazing that you do your own thing and I really love that ♡♡ never stop being you ♥♥♥♥xx

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