Breakfast Ideas

4 QUICK + EASY HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS | how to eat and be healthy but lazy at the same time lol

sharing 4 of my favorite quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle! eggs, sweet potatoes, smoothies – you name it! and …

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  1. you ever see someone that u think u would be immediately best friends with if u ever met them in person, yeah that’s what i think of you! literally keep being amazing ❤️

  2. I'm gonna do a smoothie bowl try again. I did once but I found it to be too sweet. I'll add yoghurt to make it less sweet. Maybe that helps.

  3. I relate to this bc I’m not great in the kitchen either, but this was amazing! I’m surely gonna try that waffle 🧇 💖✨ & the smoothie bowl 🍲

  4. Hey Taylor, I think you should try making over night oats! It's pretty fool proof and can be easily customized. Also I have the same blender as you 😂

  5. I am super lazy with cooking as well! haha Normally breakfast and lunch is no problem, but when it comes to dinner, I'm just not in the mood to cook at all (and then I often unfortunately eat a lot of unhealthy stuff). Problem is that I am living in a student dorm and I share the kitchen with two other girls and the fridge is tiiiiny, so it's not possible to meal prep. But I'm very lucky to have a kitchen anyway – because when I did Erasmus in Portugal, there was only a microwave there and the canteen sucked so bad!! Maybe easy/cheap dinners would be a great video idea – especially for students 🙂

  6. Hey Taylor I just want to say I am a BIG supporter of protein in coffee I have my coffee that way either every other day or like everyday 🤷🏾‍♀️‼️ Haters gon hate! They don’t know what they are missing 👌🏾.

  7. You should try sweet potato with some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top as a dessert, it’s delicious! Also would love love love to see more cooking/meal ideas from you!🍳🥗 you’re the best!💗

  8. ok so one of my fave youtube couples told me to go to my top 3 fave youtubers and leave something positive so here u go: you are amazing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. don’t ever take your own life. ever. if you feel like no one loves you, just remember, i do. you are worth it. love yourself, because i love you. ❤️

  9. When you talked about adding protein into the coffee I tried it out and now I'm obsessed with it!! Definitely recommend it! Thank you so much! 😍

  10. Hey Taylor! I discovered you because I am doing 75 Hard and watched your videos about your experience with it. Now I'm hooked on your platforms! I love your podcast and I listen to it on my morning walks/bike rides. Your youtube vids are awesome as well! You may not feel like you have as much influence as you want (I listened to your podcast about that this morning), but you are making a difference to me! Keep the content coming, sister. I'm cheering you on! 💜

  11. I am so glad for this video. Sometimes I literally feel like "I could do with some Taylor attitude" and then I listen to your podcast or watch an old video even haha 😀

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