4 Simple & Healthy Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Custom Keto Diet

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  1. Tattoos don’t hurt as much depending on where you get them? I think piercings are harder to heal;-; however I got my sternum tatted, that’s shid HURTED. Coming from a very pain tolerant human.

  2. I love how you found a great way to incorporate sweets while still being healthy! I'm a firm believer in balance. Such a great inspiration for content my channel as well. You're my spirit animal!

  3. I'd say a tattoo hurts more in the moment, but many piercings hurt more to heal. However, getting my ears pierced is such low pain that I can do it myself. Girl, you got two sleeves and a massive back piece, how does a lil earring get you 😂

  4. I have quite a few tattoos and even have my ears stretched, but the pain from my second ear piercing hurt SO BAD, I felt like a baby and now I always say the only thing I will touch is my ears! Lol 😂

  5. I thought that the tongue piercing I got many years ago (don't have it now) hurt like hella bad, but it doesn't top the pain of when I got a tat on top of my foot all the way to my ankle. It's that type of pain where it hurts so bad that you can't cry out, but tears just run down your face.

  6. Definitely gonna try 4! I've tried your individual cheesecakes before and they were divine. So, I was very happy when I saw you uploaded some new desserts! Thank you Rachel xx

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