Breakfast Ideas

4 Super HEALTHY Breakfast Recipes & Smoothies w/ Thomas Delauer

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  1. Yea!!!!!!! You both are great 👍🏼 together! omg! Bobby im your new fan!!! Loving your style to inform so much goodies and Thomas you are my favorite still.. you both my favorite now!!!!

  2. Bobby! you and Thomas are a great team. Both are very Interesting & Very knowledgeable… I just subscribed to Thomas's page thank you for these videos.

  3. I would watch seasons of these videos if this became a collab cooking show. Love both of your channels and you guys inspired me enough to start keto. I'm learning that keto is fun and I'm falling in love with cooking. Thank you for that✌

  4. I love hollandaise sauce so much!! I liked seeing them put Thomas's biological knowledge into a into a delicious looking meal! These 2 guys are a great combo bc Bobby clearly knows cooking and Thomas is just so full of knowledge that he can't help but nerd out & he would probably eat something for the health benefits regardless of taste. So bringing the 2 together is pure genius!

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