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$40 Budget Organic Anti-inflammatory Belly Fat Food Haul 2021

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Custom Keto Diet

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  1. I love all ur tips and the time you put into helping us to stay healthy, may you do a video on you meal planning and prepping for your family?

  2. I always wanted to ask how is your monthly(cycle) I want to start looking at nutritional labels more I’ve started but eventually I’ll stop. I’m transitioning into a vegan

  3. Hello magda..thanks for great tips..u might want to watch flavcity on you tube..he goes around to different stores and talk about the ingredients in what we eat he films live so sometimes he gets kicked out the store..did u know that rice has arsenic ..check out this guy he is really great just wanted to share knowledge

  4. I literally have the picture of you in your yellow bathing suit on my 2021 dream board. You are really inspiring me! 💫🦋 Thank you for this video!

  5. Your on point for the nation as always. I am changing a room into a gym and wonder what equipment could I use to get started and encompass to the whole body on a budget. Thank in Advance

  6. Yes!! Another one! I love your shopping videos. Guess what?! I even bought some cacao and dates. I actually like them. They help curve my sweet tooth attacks lol. Thank you Magda

  7. Hi
    Trying to reach you via email about specific questions pertaining to training, diet etc. Wrote email weeks ago, no response. Decided to write here since you just posted, hope you see and reach back out. Thanks

  8. I Think I Would Like To See More Meal Prepping . I See The Hauls & After I Buy Foods I Don't Know What To Do With It 🥴 If You Could Do Another Meal Prepping Video . Also Could You Do An Update On Your Client You Were Working With ? How Is She ?

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