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5 Cheap On-The-Go Keto Breakfast Ideas

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  1. I'm new with the keto subject. Honest sincere questions. What about hardening of the arteries? I'm eating more cheese, etc. I also notice I'm getting more salt. What about kidneys and high blood pressure?

  2. For me, my mouth has always been dry in the morning, so I have always eaten mushy cereal or oatmeal in the past. Eating eggs is like eating paper, they won't go down, and any cooked meal seems overwhelming. The chia seed pudding or protein shake seems to be the only alternative for the mush-for-breakfast crowd. I would love to see a few more breakfast options that are "drinkable" or at least feel wet. Maybe soup?

  3. My mom always said, "eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner". She also always stopped eating between 3pm and 5pm. She's an an early bird so wakes up at sunrise, goes for a run, drinks her coffee, gets a shower then eats. She was before her time lol

  4. I've been doing two scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and one yolk) with a slice of goat cheese and coffee with mct and collagen as my breakfast and seems to be working well. I'll substitute hard boiled eggs for on the go. After finding your channel and starting keto 7 weeks ago I'm down 30 lbs. and into a lifestyle routine now that is much healthier and I feel great. I was 280 when I started, looking to lose 100. This seemed like it would be impossible when I started but now I know its inevitable!

  5. My Keto breakfast: can of sardines in tomato sauce. Small magic bullet smoothie with some strawberries and blueberries with shredded coconut, flax, hemp, chia, (tbsp each) moringa, amla, matcha, cacao, Ceylon cinnamon, (tsp each) with creatine 5g scoop, high protein soy milk—-blend—shake is small to take supplements with. And small side salad with arugula, tomato, walnuts, sunflower seeds, avocado wedge, mousto balsamic, EVOO, oregano, pink salt, garlic, etc.

    And organic coffee with MCT oil, cacao powder, little cinnamon

    Strength for hours, bro 😎

  6. I think you should resign. I followed your videos for years, and now I had to eat vegan because of the health issues keto has caused. Which, by the way, if you put the same amount of effort into finding true information on veganism, maybe you could come off that 200mg if TRT a week you fraud.

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  8. What is your background? Do you have any medical training or are you a registered dietitian? You should have professional training to give this advice and if you do, you should have letters after your name like MD, RD, etc.

  9. so difficult. I always hated breakfast. The smell of cooking turns my stomach. As a german, my main meal would be at lunch, but with an english spouse – he wants dinner. So I eat a small portion then. Manly veg and a bit of meat. Skip breakfast (no time – 4 children to hustle to school anyway) walk the dog for 90 minutes or more , do chores – then have lunch.

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