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Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or a long-term vegan, you may well find yourself missing cheese from time to time. In fact, we hear people say all the …

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  1. Holy s**t guys I’m a meat eater making a documentary about can I change to a plant based diet and I’m looking for the ultimate cheese toastie. I think I’ve found it. Amazing work thank you for sharing.

  2. Wondering if you have a good idea how to substitute white farmers cheese in Polish Pierogi. I have been searching for a substitute that makes sense, but am yet to find one. Have a great pierogi dough recipe that is vegan, wish I had an idea for a cheese substitute, or might just end up with potato pierogi instead.

  3. personally I hate Daiya cheese.. dont like follow your heart either. But Violife and Chao are fabulous! And I agree it won't take long before you don't miss anything at all. I cant imagine ever eating animal products ever again. And I have all 4 of these guys books they are so great.

  4. to people doing veganuary who miss cheese: keep going for a little longer & I promise you won’t miss cows milk cheese anymore! ( violife & daiya cutting board mozz are my favs)

  5. Vegan cheese has definitely improved but it mostly still doesn't taste fully cheesy. I never liked cheese much so didn't bother me but I can get why it might be hard for those who do like cheese

  6. Omg… that camembert… I'm sorry, I meant camemBOSH… 😍🤤 Definitely gonna make this one! 😋

    Your recipes/videos are amazing (I already have all of your books on my wish list); honestly, you guys deserve so much more views and subs!!! Thanks for all the delicious food & hard work ❤

  7. My only request would be that you two amazing guys learn how to do a proper fade out with your camera instead of just bringing things up to the camera. (I’ll probably now get roasted for this by various members of the Boshonians)

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