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5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan | A Sweet Pea Chef

Looking for a quick and easy way to reduce inflammation? This video provides a delicious and satisfying 5 day anti-inflammatory diet meal plan that has been …

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  1. Hooray! I've got another meal plan video coming in hot for ya today! Thanks so much for your patience and requests on this one – I hope you love this 5-day meal plan for reducing inflammation … it's super tasty and optimized to help fight inflammation! What meal plan / meal prep video should I make next?? xoxo

  2. What makes you different from everybody else whosays that they could help people build businesses on the Internet every class that I have taken the end result is you need money I am a retired person with no savings live off $1200 a month how can you help me

  3. I have a friend whom has alot of inflammation probs and eats most of the foods & diet coke which contributes to these issues. My friend has big trouble in trying any foods as finds them disgusting (texture & taste) even without trying them. Is there any way my friend could bring some of these good foods in to help some how?

  4. I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from Next Level Diet and followed their tips. Thank you #*Next Level Diet*

  5. I actually eat these foods, but the combinations and menus are really good. Anyway, I would combine them with some chicken or fish, since veganism is a bit difficult for me. After a few days I need some animal protein.

  6. Hello. I hope this Pandemic is finding you "well".
    I am taking half a teaspoon of Baking soda every morning. In 12 oz water before breakfast.
    *Medica Materia
    *Pdf 1926 arm & hammer booklet
    (A friend in need)
    Cover is a 40's mom in a kitchen giving a little girl the aboved mentioned. I take 1/4 tsp in 12 oz water before breakfast- lunch and dinner. Adds energy too.
    (Appears to have mended my west nile induced autoimmune disease) After 15 yrs I can finally hug my grandaughter.😏👱😇😇😇yippy!
    In 4 months I have not been re-infected… And I have been basically bedridden for 15 yrs. 'Im alive'!!

    Thank you for your video. I have always been allergic to Tomatoes (vomiting). So we wont even yuk go there. Are cherry Toms different than the other ones? (Reason: Other people say they are very bad for arthritic pain.)
    I am just getting started with this … Change the diet thing. *Perilously I have been eating all the foods on your "Don't eat this list".⬅everyday
    *I'm surprised I'm still alive. Lol

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  8. Beans and quinoa should be pressure cooked to reduce Iectins. Especially important if you have autoimmune disease or any chronic disease related to leaky gut. Also, beans, grains have glyphosates. Should not eat kale every day as it absorbs toxins from the earth.

  9. You side on your Previous videos that Bread gluten milk etc… are not good for inflammation but You are adding oats on your turmeric lemon balls and saying any Milk!!!!! Will work on the Smoothie

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