The $5 Dinner series continue! Only this time, it is 5 of my favorite desserts I’m sharing! All ingredients are below and prices are all drafted from Walmart prices.

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  1. You are awesome!! Love your videos- so easy and delish! What was the chopper you used to do the graham crackers? And that white mixing bowl? What brands are those? If you don't mind sharing! Keep up the wonderful that is you!!

  2. U have a gift girly and I’m highly impressed! My kids eat like 3 things but u have the gift to make them eat anything-A and make maps out of anything u have-B! Thank u!!!!!!!

  3. I love cooking with you as I am cooking 🙂 I'm making a loaf of bread and am enjoying the company as well as you're awesome MUSIC!! I'm even dancing a little 🙂 Keep up the great videos!

  4. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. I love how you are so down to earth and just a sweetheart. I was thinking that I could make a few of these deserts. Because I have the ingredients. Well, that was until I figured out that I don't have any vanilla extract. I did at one time have some, along with a lot more ingredients. The thing is, I'm a single mom of two, my daughter 26 and my son 23, are my world. My son lives with me. My daughter is a registered nurse and lives with her fiance. Anyhow, sorry for the rambling. As I said I did have some ingredients. My lovely daughter comes to my home and does some of her shopping. I coupon a lot, so I make sure to have extra items on hand for her as well. So what I've been trying to say is that she shopped all of my baking ingredients. I've been replacing them and I keep forgetting to pick up the extract. I apologize for the whole rambling again. Thank you for being amazing. God bless.

  5. New sub ty for sharing I love these quick and easy lovable snacks. It would be nice to make a few and drop them by to family or anyone in need just to spread the love and sweetness of these lovely recipes ty again for sharing love them all xoxo 😘 will that upon completion

  6. I just found your channel, I loved it, I already make Banana Bread, coffee cake, was a hit in the house, I’m going the rest on the week, awesome loved it, this easy recipe, I’m not a baker, but my hubby said I pass the test, thank you 😊.

  7. Just made your spice cake it’s in the oven now but it doesn’t look like yours 😩😩😩 I think I put to much butter ? It’s not coming up like cake on top ugh ! But it smells good ! It’s already hiting 45 mins & it’s not looking like cake on top

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