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$5 DINNERS | FIVE Quick & Easy Cheap Meals | Julia Pacheco

GROCERY BUDGET | CHEAP MEALS | WHATS FOR DINNER | TASTY & DELISH | LET’S GET COOKING! #whatsfordinner #5dollardinners #cheapmeals …

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  1. Just found your channel. Can’t wait to try recipes from the 5 videos I watched. But one thing. Your family must eat like birds. This would never feed my family of 4. It all looks so delicious. Thanks.

  2. Your rice , turkey , tomatoes and taco seasoning mix looks good & reminds me of something my gram use to make . My gram use to make what she called ragoo she added hamburger, rice, stewed canned tomatoes ,herbs & water then let it cook it was so delicious 😋.

  3. An added benefit to making your gravies and sauces at home … If you keep you veggie & protein wastes [separately] you can freeze them and when you have a good amount, you can make soup stock!! And the waste can still be used in composting [limiting or eliminating protein waste]. Be certain to remember you fruit peels and egg shells and coffee grounds!!

  4. I hate how these channels don't specifiy what country they're in. The ingredients listed in them compared to mine are alot more expensive. Only 48 sec in and already its not helpful for me.

  5. I do a similar thing for minestrone with the bear creek soup blends! The only difference is I add my own veg stock to it. (Very easy to do…just take a one gallon zip lock bag and store ALL the cuttings from your fresh veggies…well, with the exception of lettuce…but you take all those vegetable ends from onions…celery…carrots (including skins) garlic even…all veggies odds and ends that would naturally be thrown out…when you finally fill the bag, fill the pot then cover it with about an inch or two of water…conservatively, it should stir very freely….then you add salt, whole pepper, coriander, rosemary and thyme to taste…although you would be free if you just added salt and pepper…I just prefer this recipe…cook for an hour and when done strain all the vegetable scraps out with a mesh strainer…I then usually freeze it in ziplock bags for soups such as these! I mean, you were just going to throw those scraps out anyways, why not take it an inch further and have a stupendous broth in tow?) After I add the veg broth I add anything "extra" I can find…be it some leftover noodles..beans…celery…carrots…some fresh garlic…anything! I've even added leftover kielbasa in a pinch. I cook it to the instructions. It always turns out well…NOTE…I add a little extra liquid, be it water or broth. It does tend to get thick…especially if you add starches like potatoes and noodles. But it's a quick, easy, cheap and DElICIOUS meal that takes less than an hour to make (considering you make the broth in advance..btw…you can also do similar things with leftover bones/chicken/beef trimmings and use the leftover veggies in a freezer bag to make a cheap but VERY tasty broth) I usually serve it with some crusty bread if the money is available!

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