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$5 dollar meals- Dollar Tree Meals for a week! | Breakfast/lunch/dinner | Shopping at Dollar Tree!

Hey welcome to my channel, in this video I share with you items purchased from Dollar Tree and the meals I chose to make with those items!! I spent $22 for …

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  1. The spring rolls are great; I like the pretzel bites; the Deli Market brown mustard is very good. Not a fan of the frozen broccoli (too many stems) & I’m scared of the meat (meatballs, beef patties). Great meal ideas!

  2. Wow wtf they sell hella shit at your dollar tree including a dozen eggs .even some things name brand , you’re lucky my local dollar tree only sells generic snacks .

  3. That garlic texas toast is my absolute FAVORITE premade garlic bread. It's actually the only premade garlic bread I like. I think for working with what you had, you did a really good job. I hate that you had to keep explaining things (like with the soy sauce). I think people sometimes forget that even if it's a budget challenge, the point of it gets thrown away if you're buying something that you already have plenty of just for the challenge. If someone only shops at Dollar Tree then yes that would be their only option but most people don't and work out their own deals. Anyways, again imo you did wonderful.

  4. The Texas toast is REALLY good with Swanson's Chicken ala King which the Dollar Tree normally stocks, at least they do here in San Antonio. VERY delicious meal. You just toast the bread in the oven, heat the can of ala King, and then pour it over the toast.

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