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5 Easy Breakfast EGG Recipes You Can Make Anytime

PREORDER My New COOKBOOK! Scrambled Eggs make for a hearty breakfast, but they can get repetitive and boring. I make …

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  1. Honestly as a Vietnamese, i totally not gonna cook egg with garlic. It’s not abt the flavor but making people being poisoned. These 2 ingredients are advised not to eat together. Haha actually i’ve never ever checked it in science-based but just believed in cooking experience from our ancestors

  2. i dont understand "runny eggs". because that just means undercooked. it means there is still raw egg. which means a chance at getting sick.

  3. Watching this with the volume up and my 10yr nephew goes “tomato is a fruit” 😂😂😂 I told him not for adults lol

  4. great video but if you really wanted to make a French influence, you could have used French onions (shallots), herbs, and mushrooms and goat cheese. Smoked salmon and goat cheese do not sound French at all (I am French). I love your channel though!

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