5 EASY KETO SNACKS ANYONE CAN MAKE | 3 Ingredient LOW CARB & One Bite! | Simple For Beginners

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  1. Love your videos. Wanted to share my newest favorite item. CARBQUIK. It can be purchased on Amazon and it’s very similar to Bisquick but I use it for pancakes and love it. I tried the first time making it as is but it was very bland so I started adding vanilla extract toasted walnuts and sugar free syrup which makes it a night and day. I’ll make a batch and keep it in a Tupperware so it’s ready to go. So many other things you can use this for and I think 1/3 cup is 2 net carbs.

  2. Hey miss lady! Long time subscriber. Guess what? I found another channel of yours. I thought this was your only one. Whew. You work hard. Thank you for all you do it helps me get rid of my obesity. Have a good day.

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