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5 Easy Vegan Dinners on $40 Budget | Aldi Vegan Grocery Haul (Under $2 per serving)

Hey fam! Here’s our first attempt at a weekly vegan dinner meal plan! We’re showing you how to make 5 easy vegan dinners on a $40 per week budget for a …

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  1. Could you please show us a month where you would plan, budget and shop for the month? Most of us are on tight budgets and would love to see you do this to get inspired. I shop weekly and when I shop for the month we run out of produce immediately. How do you deal with produce lasting the month and so on? Thank you, loving all your videos!!

  2. Still hoping for an Aldi anywhere near me 😜 I love the end of this video of what was left and ideas to use up. My focus for the last year has been being creative when I have odds and ends in the pantry. Would love a video of using what’s in your kitchen 😉

  3. Wow what a great informative video. I appreciate you taking out the time, to make it. Although I am currently nowhere near a vegan, I am very interested in the lifestyle and possibly making the switch. I would love to see more videos on a $50 a week budget and if possible with soy free options. Thanks again for making the video,✌🏾

  4. Awesome video. I would have liked to see you keep going to see how long you could eat on the $40. Also would love to see you guys do a month long or maybe two week freezer pantry challenge. Every time I see one of those, the most creative recipes come out of the challenge

  5. I tried the vegan taco casserole tonight and it was fantastic. My husband went back for seconds. I make a cheese sauce with cauliflower and used that instead of the vegan cheese. Thanks for the tips and meal ideas!

  6. Everything is looks DELISH! Thanks for Sharing! Since I have lots of tofu & rice, I'll roast some seasoned & spiced broccoli, onions, peppers and shrooms! That's a hearty meal that tastes like a Chinese take out.

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