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5 Easy Vegan Snacks For Weight Loss

Whether you’re watching a movie or the big game, the right snack can make or break your enjoyment. So many traditional snacks are laden with animal products …

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  1. I have irritable bowel syndrome and cant follow a vegan diet. I was told to follow the specific 🚗bohydrate diet. No corn …no rice…no potatoes or other grains and no diary. Some people are sick and just cant follow the vegan diet.

  2. Yum! Thanks for all the great ideas! A suggestion for the popcorn, I out white vinegar in a spray bottle and mist my popcorn with that! It's sooooo good!

  3. Hi I love these recipes and tips, your son is adorable. What brand is your blender I would like to have one like that so powerful to prepare vegan snacks 😊

  4. Can't wait to try the cookies!! For anyone who doesn't have a popcorn machine – just do it in a nonstick pot with a lid it works wonders. If you don't mind you can add a tiny amount of coconut oil to help the pop. Nonetheless, air popped and seasoned afterwards are just as good. 🤗

  5. Love this!! Had some nice cream after my workout 😎 might try the mushroom jerky tonight! Healthier snacks are not as easy to remember for me for some reason, so thank you for the refresher!

  6. Love the popcorn tip to spritzer with water to get the seasoning to stick! Loved that you talked fast so
    You fit in five snacks in a short amount of time! 💚💜💚

  7. Awesome recipes!! Very original approche to classics, I’ve never seen these done quite like this. Love your content always high quality 👍 and such a beautiful family 😍 congratulations on upcoming addition 🙂

  8. This video and the one talking about how to lose gain or maintain have been kinda triggering for me especially when you talked about how you could go as low as 1600 calls for weight loss that’s really low. Sorry as someone who has struggled with an eating disorder or disordered eating I was surprised you focused so much on “healthy” food and “not healthy” foods as much as eating intuitively and making sure you give your body what it needs! Sorry my rant is over also your snacks do look amazing and I do love y’all’s channel!!

  9. Great vegan snacks and good to see Max getting involved in the food preparation so that he will develop food preparation skills when he is older and appreciate how the food is prepared.

  10. Hey Erin. Gr8 video 🎉👍 tks …. I'm bummed that i cant eat cacao 😕😡. It hypes me, drops my blood sugar & gives me awful insomnia 😦😟 … I'v seen a few videos on the negative effects of cacao. I use carob powdr instead, but its jst not the same 😢. Any advice ? 💟😘

  11. Please Help! lol What containers do you recommend for storing banana's in the freezer? I have tried different ones and they still always get freezer burnt & stuck together.

  12. I made the cookies in my dorm room immediately after this video. It was so easy because the only equipment you need is your hands lol. 10/10 would recommend( I added a teaspoon of tahini and some hemp hearts to mine)

  13. You are such an inspiration to me! Such a good mom and incredible cook! You find so many ways to make anything healthy ! So glad i discovered your channel when I became Vegan. BTW your son is absolutely adorable and looks so happy and healthy :))

  14. Mushroom Jerky! 😋 Definitely making this one soon. Popcorn is good but try Popping Sorghum! You’ll love it. 💚
    Thank you for sharing unique wfpb snack ideas!!

  15. I love snacks and these are perfect!! I love the idea of dehydrated mushrooms—they look so good! And can we talk about your cutie patootie sous chef Mr Max..such sweetie pie and so excited to dig in!

  16. Can't wait to try the cookies this week as in need of some easy coconut oil free snacks here in the UK. Love the way you include Max in the cooking so he learns about food from a young age. With total lockdown here, you brighten our week.

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