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5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School!! | MyLifeAsEva

Today Im showing you how to make my favorite lunches! I hope you guys got some good ideas on what to pack in your school lunch! I saved a ton of money …

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  1. Her: We're just gonna apply some milk and then strawberries, and apply half a banana which makes it taste SO good. and the lets apply the raspberries. Lastly we're just gonna to apply to ic-

    Me: STAHP TRIGGERING MEH WITH THE WORD APPLY! love you tho Eva, love this vid too.

  2. I love your chicken wraps but my most favorite is Perdue chicken cutlets with cheddar cheese and ranch dressing or I would spread cream cheese on the low carb bread thanadd chicken salad with shredded cheese I love getting new recipes from young chefs and youtubers I love to cook and bake I love to sing and dance in stores I'm way too funny

  3. One of my sister's in the Lord works in the lunchroom at school and they make the food fresh everyday, it really don't set there for a few days, especially a week. If u know of schools that do that than they need to be reported cause it definitely isn't safe for the kids.

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