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5 Healthy Chicken Recipes You Can Make For Dinner

5 healthy chicken recipes you can make for dinner! Find more healthy recipes like these in the Goodful Cookbook. Get your copy here: …

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  1. New trade deal made by Government will allow lower food standards into UK. Chlorinated/bleached chicken now allowed from USA. This chicken is processed in China and travels back to USA. This trade deal is all about the money and is blatant disregard for our health.

  2. omg healthy chicken is an OXYMORON. Animal foods are responsible for various cancers and type 2 diabetes and heart disease… these 2 words do not belong in a title together wtactualf

  3. All you vegans can sit the heck down this Chanel isn’t just for you it’s to share healthy recipes and some vegan and sustainable content it’s not just vegan if you are vegan then you don’t need to watch in the title it clearly states that these are CHICKEN recipes so why did y’all even click

  4. For all those getting upset over vegans stating they thought this was a vegan channel, you have to put it into context. The channel is packed with 99% vegan recipes, plus a video by the founder stating why she went vegan and how she realised when she posts a recipe with meat in it, she was responsible for all the meat then bought by those watching the video to replicate it, so she didn't want to be the cause of that after she had seen what was going on in the factory farms and the immense suffering it causes to those animals.

    This really sends out a mixed message when those of us who are vegan then see a video for chicken on this channel, we've all seen enough animal cruelty to be traumatised by it and the last thing we want is to support a channel promoting it.

  5. This is not a vegan channel, jesus.
    The worker even say this channel is about healthy decision not entirely vegan. They don't even claim this is a vegan channel in the description of the channel
    And a little bit of cheese is not going to kill you.

  6. What the hell i thought this was vegetarian/vegan only! I hate this because I love Merle’s videos but I don’t want to be seeing chicken carcasses on my feed!

  7. Chicken smothered in cheese isn’t healthy. Why is there vegan things on this channel. I think you’re confusing vegan with plant based. Change the titles accordingly.

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