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Our next 5 ingredient dessert is a 5 ingredient banoffee pie. This is a really easy really decadent dessert. Its high in fiber and refined sugar free! We don’t even …

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  1. My five year old daughter and I love to watch your recipe videos together. She asks me to put them on. It’s something that we do together, which is so nice. You two are awesome! Your presentation is so nice and positive. We feel the love from across the screen. Thanks for the awesome recipes and for the beautiful brotherly love. See you in the next video!

  2. Do you guys have a cook book by any chance??? 😊 I've just made this banofee pie 😋 it's currently setting in the fridge. Going to try my best not to eat it all tonight 😅

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. I love food processor recipes…they are so easy! I can't wait to make and this. It looks so impressive it would make a perfect dessert for guests….once we can all socialize again that is 🙂

  4. wow thats alot of dates ! not a big fan of dates. though It does look tasty :)16,823 views wow you lads are popular and fair play for promoting to us healthy eating recipes: 🙂 as an X drinker and X smoker I now have a new diet i follow which gives me much more energy which also helps my immunity in a time of despair !

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