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5 Ingredients Spanish Omelette | How To Make Spanish Omelette | Easy Breakfast Recipe By Chef Tarika

Spanish Omelette | Tortilla De Patatas | Tortilla De Papas | Tortilla Española | Egg Potato Omlette | Breakfast Recipe | Main Course Recipe | Lunch Recipe | Egg …

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  1. Not sure of the 1 min high flame and 2 min low flame method. Chances are the omelette might get too burnt. I'd prefer slow cooking on a low-medium or medium flame

  2. I love this channel for the Indian recipes, but, as a Spaniard… You should fry the potatoes, don't boil them. Fry them together with the onion. There's also no need to rest the mixture before frying it. You should fry the omelette in a medium flame, not high, or the bottom will brown too much, and it should be light. Also, the omelette should be much thicker than that, at least twice as thick, so that the egg is not totally set on the inside. Absolutely nEVER add any other vegetables to it.

  3. For the quantity of eggs and potatoes that you have used, you should use a pan that's less wide. It gives a much better texture in the centre. DO NOT add parsley or any other vegetables.

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  6. Spanish guy approves here. Beautiful and traditional recipe created when we were starving and were a chiefly farm based country and just had 2 ingredients: eggs from our 3-4 hens and potatoes from our tiny fields. Today it's the most famous spanish breakfast at the cafes (not at home though) and a very common tapa.
    At home, we normally have it for lunch or diner as a main dish.

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