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5 Juicy Corn Recipes To Beat The Summer • Tasty

Corn is a summer staple! Give these 5 recipes a go during these next summer months! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …

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  1. FFS USE YOUR BLOODY BRAINS. 0:58 white text on white background! How can your editor be so thick??? Or is it just lazy? Lazy doesn't make good money! If he or she won't stop being lazy, then the easy fix is stop using the white backgrounds in filming.

  2. That “Cajun shrimp bake” is super similar to frogmore stew (weird name, good food idk) the main difference is you boil everything together with old bay seasoning (though the “Cajun” seasoning they made is basically the same thing) and usually you’ll put onion and sometimes blue crabs in it (I’ve seen people boil eggs as well, but I don’t prefer it). I live in the coastal part of South Carolina and everyone and their mothers love this! I think the bake would take a little longer and you’ll loose the flavoring that builds up when everything cooks together

  3. Don’t put butter on the elote first, just use regular mayo. That stuff they used in the video looks way too fluffy. Is it miracle whip? Probably. The cheese they used was correct. BUT THEN they put tajin???? No. Use cayenne pepper. And use that squeeze butter that comes in a blue bottle with a yellow nozzle. It’s right there with all the tins of butter at the grocery store.

  4. At least they left the word Mexican in on the corn. Cultural acquisition continues unabated over Mexican traditions, and the worst part is the name change to try and hide its origins. In 1825 the first U.S. Minister to Mexico (Joel Roberts Poinsett) "discovered" the Flor de Noche Buena (Christmas flower) which had been in Mexico for tens of thousands of years, and he renamed it as
    the American "Poinsettia". Over time, the burrito became a "wrap", and the tortilla became an American "flatbread" (tortillas became the official bread of weightless astronauts in space because they're crumb free and easier than bread to manipulate). Throwing a rubber ball through a hoop (the deadly Aztec game) became American basketball. The Pinata is everywhere but they changed the rules. And on and on and on. I'm sure you can think of other examples.

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