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5 MINUTE BREAKFAST RECIPES: healthy and easy paleo recipes

5 minute breakfast recipes that are healthy and easy paleo recipes! MORE HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS: SUBSCRIBE: …

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  1. Girl! You are giving me facts and food porn for my eyes! It’s meal prep day for me so I’m trying this and your 3 ingredients meals for dinner! I’m beyond happy I found this channel! It’s been awhile since I was motivated to cook like this! 👩‍🍳

  2. These all look so good! I already have some salsa I made so this is a perfect chance to use it. And that porridge and bagel look really yummy too. I’ve been looking to increase my fiber intake so that porridge bowl looks perfect and I’m stoked that I actually have all the ingredients! thank you so much for sharing! 👍🏻😋

  3. Collagen and liver detox is EXACTLY what I'm striving for these days. I do wish I could find eggs with a more orange yolk ☹️, If I sauté the onions and tomato does it lose it's health properties? Thanks again for these easy, delicious food. I make 99% of your recipes! 😋❤️😘

  4. (1) Great video!! I didn't know just how much awesomeness in these foods! (2) I appreciate that you're not a super fast chopper. I can stop judging myself now, lol

  5. Wow love those oats and chia seeds recipes, I'll definitely try to make for tomorrow breakfast ☺. Thanks for the recipe 💕💕

  6. Thanks. I never eat breakfast but can use it for other times of the day. I LOVE Chia seeds too.
    Great to watch your video, especially as a YouTuber myself, it's nice to see other topics.

  7. This is great Liv 😊 it’s tough especially when you work a busy corporate job! I want to try new healthy foods but time is always the excuse!

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