Breakfast Ideas

5 Minute Heathy & Simple Breakfast Ideas!

Today I am sharing SIX of my fav Easy 5 Minute Heathy & Simple Breakfast Ideas (all are vegetarian)! I know mornings can be hectic and finding healthy options …

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  1. Luca I love your videos so much. I have friends that tell me to post “trendier” videos but honestly I want to make the ones I love to watch. It would mean the world to me if you could check out a few of mine and tell me what I can do better ! Thank you for making such awesome content 🙂

  2. when you want to try this but you can’t bc 1. you probably wouldnt eat the extra food 2. corona time 3. my mom will not let me outta the house 🦠😂👍✌️😑

  3. hi luca!!! i've been making snapchat filters for a while and i know u always use bryant's and that's where i get stuck! everyone already uses super famous filters but i work so hard on mine. if you could check them out all you have to do is look up "delaney fabrizio" in the filter bar and u can use any bbg i love u

  4. Love these healthy breakfast ideas😍😍🤤🤤
    Avocado toast is my all time favourite🤤🤤
    Btw….I’m a Youtuber too. I do healthy recipes as well. I’m into health and fitness. Any new Youtubers wanna support each other??

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